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How to enable the two-step verification process in your Gmail account

Passwords have always been a part of any sort of locked security. We are not only talking about the modern times, but also the ancient times. Since the inception of email services on the internet, passwords have played the most rudimentary and the major role in securing any users account. But also with time, the hacking technologies to guess said passwords have evolved too. To this end, are passwords truly the only effective way to secure an account?

The answer is still a major NO! But still, all hope is not lost. Much akin to its Microsoft and yahoo cousins, Gmail has incorporated a new methodology to for the user data security. All it had to do is ask another question:

“What do you have?”

Gmail customer Service ponders upon this and discusses the ways to access this question which is added using the inclusion of two-step verification process. But what is this term?

What is two-step verification process?

The titular add-on adds on an extra layer of security by adding another question to the already present: “Who you are?”And” what do you know?” The question it adds is “What do you have?” The entire process inculcates a digital signature in the Gmail account. It is also known as the 2 Factor authentications, and applications of the similar vein are using it for a long time. This method is safe and our identity would be secured by adhering to it.

How to enable this extra layer of security?

Enabling this add-on is an easy process. Gmail helpline presents the following simple methodologies to avail this layer for your account.

  • without proper access, this feature won’t be open to you. Therefore, login to your account first.
  • Click on the 2-step verification page to get started.
  • the resultant landing page would entail you to re-enter your user credentials i.e. username and password.
  • click on next
  • you would be presented with two choices here, one is entering your alternate Gmail ID, and other is entering your cell phone number.
  • Confirm your submission by clicking on enter.
  • You would be sent a text message containing a unique identification number. This number would entail th3e answer to the question “what do you have”.
  • At the same time, you would be prompted to enter the number on the screen.
  • click next to verify.
  • 2-step verification methodology applied on the ID.

If you have any query pertain the titular topic, Gmail customer Support is here to assist you. Just contact us on our toll-free number 1800-954-273

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